[Nut-upsuser] blazer & megatec drivers

Pavel Selivanov biohumanoid.lists at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 19:16:28 UTC 2011


I've being using nut 2.2.2 (Debian Lenny) via megatec_usb driver for 
IPPON Back UPS 600.
Then I upgraded to nut 2.4.3 (Debian Squeeze) with broken megatec_usb.
I moved to blazer_usb, it connected IPPON.

     driver = blazer_usb
     port = /dev/usb/hiddev0
     desc = "Local UPS"
#from megatec.c: batteries[] = {{ 12.0,  9.0, 16.0,  9.7, 13.7,  0.0 },

But there are no "battlow=%" option available in blazer, so, I can't 
change "Low battery condition" to be a bit more safer...
I've seen battery.charge.low option in trunk, but it seems it must be 
implemented in driver, and it's not implemented in blazer.
Am I right ?

Offcourse, I can workaround this problem:
NOTIFYCMD /usr/local/sbin/check_lowbatt

uspc myups | grep battery.charge

But it's an ugly hack...
Is there any better solution ?
I missed something ?

Thanks in advance.
Pavel Selivanov

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