[Nut-upsuser] APC Smart-UPS 1000

Kevin bakdong at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 08:20:22 UTC 2011

On 06/02/2011 21:42, Kevin wrote:
> on 06/02/2011 21:06 Charles Lepple wrote:
>> It looks like the only uncommented code which talks to the device is
>> the last line. (The results from the getval() calls do not seem to be
>> used.)
>> APCDelayBeforeReboot maps to 0xff86007c, so Arjen's suggestion to
>> change the 10 to 1 should be equivalent to the setvalue() line at the
>> end.
> Thanks for the input Charles. I will post back the results tomorrow.

Ok, I've tried that. The result of "clientcmd -u apcmon -p pass123 -a 
apc1500 shutdown.reboot" is nothing. Nothing that I can see changes at all.

I did this with the old working modified hidups driver:

# ./hidups -DDD -k /dev/hiddev0
Network UPS Tools: HID UPS driver 0.13 (2.0.0)

Warning: This is an experimental driver.
Some features may not function correctly.

debug level is '3'
Detected American Power Conversion Back-UPS CS 500 FW:808.q10 .I USB FW:q10
on port /dev/hiddev0
Initiating UPS shutdown
setvalue(ff86007c, 1): obtained 0 (report 40))
setvalue(using type = feature): report sent successfully

Something must be different! Is the "type = feature" relevant at all?

There are three lines in the apc-hid.c code that reference shutdown.reboot:

   1. { "shutdown.reboot", 0, 0, "UPS.PowerSummary.DelayBeforeReboot",
      NULL, "10", HU_TYPE_CMD, NULL },
   2. { "shutdown.reboot", 0, 0, "UPS.Output.DelayBeforeReboot", NULL,
      "10", HU_TYPE_CMD, NULL },
   3. { "shutdown.reboot", 0, 0,
      "UPS.APCGeneralCollection.APCDelayBeforeReboot", NULL, "1",
      HU_TYPE_CMD, NULL },

I did "usbhid-ups -a apc1500 -k -DDD > CS500shutdown.txt 2>&1" and 
attached the output in case it holds any clues.

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