[Nut-upsuser] Status OB (on battery) when polling a Liebert PSA

Pier Paolo Glave pierpaolo.glave at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 09:40:28 UTC 2011

(I'm posting again this message, because I've seen that the last lines
and the attachment are missing, in the version archived at
Maybe it's because I was not using plain text. Sorry for the double
post, if you received it twice. Pier)

Hi Arjen,

Thanks for your answer.
If you have time to support me, I will for sure follow you, providing all
the information you need.
I'm a software designer too, so don't hesitate to ask for some particular
build or to make changes at source code level.

> Looking at the rejected earlier message, I'd say you have a Belkin OEM
> device that has a very broken report descriptor. You may want to
> checkout the recently released nut-2.6.0 version. But I'm almost
> certain that the fixes in the HID parser are not going to solve this
> problem and that instead the problem is in the UPS itself. We may or
> may not be able to work around this, but in that case we will need
> lots of support from you (and you must be willing/capable to run the
> development version too).

I have built the nut-2.6.0 version.
I did not want to completely uninstall my 2.4.3 version, which had been so
gracefully installed by the debian package system... So, I tried to install
only the 2.6.0 drivers, and forced nut to use them, by creating a new
directory called /lib/nut-2.6, and making a symbolic link:
/lib/nut -> /lib/nut-2.6.
Please tell me if this is a right approach, to use the 2.6 HID parser.

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