[Nut-upsuser] No shutdown on empty battery

Gerhard Strangar g.s at arcor.de
Sat Feb 4 12:08:04 UTC 2012

Arnaud Quette wrote (2012-02-02 14:13):

I did a test with an older version of my UPS, same model, but no USB
connector. This time, everything worked fine:
Feb  4 12:01:37 b1 upsmon[1494]: UPS upsb1 at localhost on battery
Feb  4 12:18:52 b1 upsmon[1494]: UPS upsb1 at localhost battery is low
Feb  4 12:18:52 b1 upsmon[1494]: Executing automatic power-fail shutdown
Feb  4 12:18:52 b1 upsmon[1494]: Auto logout and shutdown proceeding
Feb  4 12:19:06 b1 upsd[1480]: mainloop: Interrupted system call
Feb  4 12:19:10 b1 syslogd: exiting on signal 15

> /etc/killpower is cleared at upsmon startup, in case it exists.

It was this time, but not when the shutdown had failed.

> you have not answered to my question on where "upsdrvctl shutdown" is
> called in the process?
> as told, on Debian, it's handled by the halt script.

It's in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nut, which is called when entering shutdown

I watched the upsc output during that test. It started with

ups.beeper.status: enabled
ups.status: ALARM OB

I disabled the beeper with the button at the fron panel, but it still
said enabled.
The LOAD_DUMPED output is nonsense, this UPS cannot dump load (except
for dumping everything, which it didn't) and the battery was not totally
discharged when I started the test.

Later on it said:
battery.charge: 70
battery.runtime: 95
battery.voltage: 10.49
ups.status: FSD ALARM OB LB

So finally, the utility which was not present (see above) now failed. :-)

I guess, Ill configure that timer thing, just to be sure shutdown works.

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