[Nut-upsuser] No shutdown on empty battery

Gerhard Strangar g.s at arcor.de
Wed Feb 8 05:23:22 UTC 2012

Arnaud Quette wrote (2012-02-07 16:56):

>> I watched the upsc output during that test. It started with
> do you mean the battery test, or the procedure to test a shutdown
> sequence, without having your computer powered by the UPS?

The shutdown test as you suggested. Except for a little modification:
I pulled the RS-232 cable from the original UPS to keep everything
running and connected it to a spare one - same model though.

> LOAD_DUMPED should be mapped to "ups.status" = "OFF", which means that
> output are not powered anymore.
> was there any power on the output so?

The lamp connected to the UPS was lit all the time.

>> So finally, the utility which was not present (see above) now failed. :-)
> if this was not the battery test, how long has it take to reach this state?

First I ran with something that consumed too little power for about five
minutes. Then I added load up to 80 VA and ran with that load for
another five and a half minutes. The spare UPS was stored disconnected
for at least half a year, it was cold and it said 90% battery when I
connected the RS-232 cable.

> it's always better to understand the issue, and actually fix it.

The issue is that I had to switch from Solaris to FreeBSD because of
increased license costs; I don't think I can fix that. ;-)

> I would need a debug output of the driver for the above test, Ie:
> $ /path/to/bcmxcp_usb -DDDDD -a upsb1
> and an upsc output, to get the general context (ups.load, base
> battery.runtime, ...).

I'll try to do that in about 2 weeks.

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