[Nut-upsuser] LiebertPSP

Tim Gould tgould at reverb.com.au
Sat Jan 14 12:38:20 UTC 2012

Shutdown test was successful, including a slave client. They both shut down cleanly starting at 38% as configured below.

Only issue was that as it hit this threshold, it also reported Replace Battery (ups.status had RB) , and "upsmon[3265]: UPS shed at localhost battery needs to be replaced" appeared in syslog.

After the systems were powered on and mains restored, this went away.

If ups.load is supposed to be Watts then according to my power meter it probably needs an extra zero at the end.

Thanks, Tim.

On 21/11/2011, at 3:19 , Charles Lepple wrote:

> On Nov 19, 2011, at 5:23 PM, Tim Gould wrote:
>> On 17/11/2011, at 15:24 , Charles Lepple wrote:
>>> <LiebertPSP-scalefactor-004a.patch>
>> battery.charge: 100
>> battery.charge.low: 38
>> battery.charge.warning: 38
>> battery.type: PbAc
>> battery.voltage: 27.300000
>> battery.voltage.nominal: 24.000000
>> device.mfr: Emerson Network Power
>> device.model: LiebertPSA
>> device.serial:           
>> device.type: ups
>> driver.name: usbhid-ups
>> driver.parameter.pollfreq: 30
>> driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
>> driver.parameter.port: auto
>> driver.version: 2.6.2-3318M
>> driver.version.data: Belkin HID 0.15
>> driver.version.internal: 0.35
>> input.frequency: 50.0
>> input.voltage: 245.90000
>> output.voltage: 246.00000
>> ups.load: 3
>> ups.mfr: Emerson Network Power
>> ups.model: LiebertPSA
> I'm wondering if some of the scale factor logic should be keyed off of the "ups.model" field. I just noticed that the original thread was about "LiebertPSP", but yours says "LiebertPSA".
> Anyway, I can fix the extra zeros in the voltage readings - we shouldn't pretend that we have that much precision :-)
> Next step would be to do a shutdown test. Since we're not sure that the low battery signal will work yet, I would suggest plugging the computers into another power source, and then plugging the UPS into a power strip or other switchable outlet. (Some UPSes do not accurately measure charge state when unplugged from the wall, since the ground floats in that instance. Power strips should not switch the ground wire.)

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