[Nut-upsuser] APC UPS: replacement battery always triggers shutdown

Kastus Shchuka ks-nut at tprfct.net
Sun Nov 11 16:45:54 UTC 2012

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 07:21:35AM -0800, JS wrote:
> I followed this procedure (charging the battery fully, letting it drain off a token load while UPS is grounded on a surge protector) but it did not help.
> Perhaps I missed something running this procedure; if anyone has suggestions for solving this they'd be greatly appreciated.

I've been in the same situation after replacing the battery in SC620I model.

Then I found http://old.nabble.com/SmartUPS-and-new-battery-td20678966.html
and followed the procedure:

1. Shutdown the apcupsd daemon.
2. Run apctest
3. Choose option 6 to enter terminal mode
4. Enter Y (UPS should respond SM)
5. Enter 1 (one, not el; wait 4 seconds)
6. Enter 1 (one, not el; UPS should respond PROG)
7. Enter 0 (zero, not oh; UPS should respond with current constant)
8. Enter + (plus) or - (minus) to increment/decrement the value
9. Enter R to reprogram constant value (UPS should respond Bye)
10. Enter Y (UPS should respond SM)
11. Enter 0 (zero, not oh; UPS should respond with the new constant)
12. Enter Esc to exit terminal mode
13. Choose option 7 to exit apctest. 

The value to store in the register 0 differs by the model. There is a table
posted in the middle of the thread. I hope your model is listed there.
If you cannot find your model, you may want to try experimenting with different

In my case, after updating register 0, my UPS is back to 42 min runtime.

Hope this helps.


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