[Nut-upsuser] SNMP UPS: NETYS RT 1/1 UPS

Ing. Ján jan.ondrej at upjs.sk
Fri Oct 19 10:28:43 UTC 2012

On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 09:02:36PM +0200, Arnaud Quette wrote:
> 2012/10/15 Ing. Ján <jan.ondrej at upjs.sk>
> thanks for reply. We tested shutdown, but UPS's initial battery capacity is
> > 0%, after power loss, battery started to "charge", capacity is increasing.
> > When NUT shuts down my server? When UPS is over 95% of it's capacity? :-)
> >
> I'm not sure to completely understand the use case and issue!
> could you please elaborate?

It's difficult. I can access this site directly and there is no admin on
this site now. But looks like Gregor is right, shutdown works. Signal
battery low should be properly sent from UPS.

> > I have also an NetVision-5.01-5.0x-unix.mib file, which doesn't help too.
> was it provided with the unit?

Provided by customer, byt looks like this is not for this UPS.

> could you please send the MIB file, provided with your device, in
> compressed form.

OK, attached. (10 kB)

> there is no need to do so.
> while your UPS also provide data using a proprietary MIB, it also support
> (partially) the IETF MIB, as seen in your first mail.
> your unit seems well detected and supported, minus a few things.
> your battery.charge is indeed "0 %", but the OID serving it is there, so we
> have no way to determine that it's buggy.

After some testing I consider, this UPS uses 0% for battery full status
and 100% for empty batteries. It means how much battery should be charged
to be full.

> the conclusion is that, as told by Gregor, your unit should not have any
> issue with the shutdown.

Possibly it will work.

> but it's true that the support of your unit with the IETF MIB is not fully
> optimal.
> a better support could come from the proprietary MIB, but I've personally
> no time to devote to this currently.
> that said, the task is not that hard, even for a non-programmer.
> if you to have a run, let me know.

I am an script programmer. How can I help to properly support this UPS?

> otherwise, drop the following output (in compressed form) on the list, for
> potential future processing:
> $ snmpwalk -v1 -c XXX .
> $ snmpwalk -Os -v1 -c XXX .
> the latter will requires the MIB file to actually display the OID string
> name.

OK, attached too. (1 kB)

And now what's wrong in output of this UPS:
		NUT data	Should be
Input: 		2320.00 V	232.00 V
Output: 	2290.00 V	229.00 V
Load:		310.0 %		31.0 %
Battery:	0.00 %		100.0 %
Battery:	5.00 %		95.0 %

So some values are multiplied by 10, some are inverted (100-battery).

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