[Nut-upsuser] New intermediate Windows binaries release - 2.6.5-2

Denis Serov dns-srv at yandex.ru
Mon Sep 17 19:24:15 UTC 2012

Hello Frederic!

Thank you for new version. 

1. Something is wrong with NUT service. UPSD/UPSMON/USBHID-UPS are still running after service stop. There are the following errors in Event Log:

"Error stoping upsd."
"Error sendind CTRL_BREAK to upsmon."

2. I've found a strange warning in Event Log:

"usbhid-ups - libusb_get_interrupt: libusb0-dll:err [submit_async] submitting request failed, win error: The device does not recognize the command."

Here is more details from UBSHID-USB output:
   0.468000	libusb_get_report: libusb0-dll:err [control_msg] sending control message failed, win error: A device attached to the system is not functioning.
   0.468000	Can't retrieve Report 48: Input/output error [A device attached to the system is not functioning. ]

I think it is related to issue with APC Back ES UPS (there was no such error in private binary you sent to me).

3. Little misprint in setup wizard: "Netowrk UPS Tools Installer (WiX)" =)

Device: APC Back UPS ES 525
OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

Anyway, UPSSCHED is working, event logging is back and Back UPS ES is supported (the error from item 2 does not terminate the driver as in 2.6.5-1 version, but repeats iteratively).


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There is a new intermediate Windows binaries release available at :


This fixes three regressions:

- upssched was not working
- Event logging was not working (unless for NUT service binary itself)
- usbhid-ups was not working with Back-UPS ES ups.

Feedback is highly appreciated.


Eaton Opensource Team - http://opensource.eaton.com



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