[Nut-upsuser] N-Power MEV-3000LT compatibility report and problem

Александр Безруков phmagic at mail.ru
Sun Aug 11 23:08:31 UTC 2013


the code below the failing part mentions this flavor of protocol, drivers/blazer_ser.c:463
         * If a command is invalid, it will be echoed back.
         * As an exception, Best UPS units will report "ACK" in case of success!

I prepared a patch, it adds a similar check and also checks (in both occurencies) for 
blazer_command()<0, the latter condition indicates a communication error). I have yet
no chance to try it, I have a RAID controller which does a live rebuild and I find too risky to
combine my experimentation with this operation. Once rebuild is finished I will try and
if no other problems found will send the patch.


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