[Nut-upsuser] What current UPS can I buy?

Kris Jordan nut01.kj at sagebrushnetworks.com
Wed Jul 31 23:03:16 UTC 2013

Matt Ivie wrote, On 7/31/2013 8:14 AM:
> On Wed, 2013-07-17 at 23:33 -0400, Charles Lepple wrote:
>> On Jul 17, 2013, at 11:27 AM, Matt Ivie wrote:
>>> I'm really just looking for a UPS that might run a couple of small
>>> servers and other small devices(routers or switches).
>> Good call on including the network gear in the power budget. NUT isn't much use to the slave systems if the network connection between master and slave goes down.
>>> If I could get
>>> 15-30 minutes of runtime from the batts and o course run the automated
>>> shutdown and reboot sequence through nut that would be great. The server
>>> I'm looking at has a PSU capable of 200W but I don't expect to be maxing
>>> out the system capabilities at all. I'll be running either Debian
>>> Wheezy(most likely) or Trisquel 6.0 and I'd like to just use the
>>> pre-packaged version of NUT rather than building a new package if I can.
>> It doesn't look like I can just copy-and-paste the link to the exact result, but if you go to the UPS selector on the Eaton Power Quality page, they will recommend a few models:
>>     http://powerquality.eaton.com/
>> The NUT HCL spells out Powerware 9130/9140, but the Eaton pages refer to PW9130 and PW9140. Pretty sure they are the same unit with a different name.
>> Debian wheezy has NUT 2.6.4, which should cover most of the units that Eaton's selector would recommend.
>> You could also go with a Tripplite rack-mount UPS, but a lot of the low-end ones use a proprietary protocol that seems to change between model years.
> What about the Eaton 5S series? Does it go under a different name on the
> compatibility list or is it just not compatible?

It's standard USB HID, so that's a good sign that it will work fine. The 
5S must not have been out long, they were lacking a good 
desktop/workstation computer line-interactive unit, this one looks nice.

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