[Nut-upsuser] upsrw doesn't set variable

deception deception at pascallen.nl
Sun Jun 30 10:36:49 UTC 2013

It is similar to my question.
I also can't set delay variables on outlet 1 or 2.
And when I ask the ups to "load off delay". It´s always 60s. Which I
can't change.

I use the usb-hid driver.
Logmessage reports back: OK
But nothing gets set when you refresh the variables.

On the usb-bus the UPS continuously disconnects and reconnects again.
Where the cause of this behaviour is the USB card in the UPS, I
think/thought. Due to a bad connection in the soldering or something.
When this occurs, also the 5v line on the UPS USB card dropped to 3V.
But this also can be normal behaviour, I don't really know.

I also gave it a try with the HP software on a XP machine.
Only I used the RS232 cable.  And I also couldn't set output variables.
So, I presumed it has something to do with the UPS. Only I didn't
disconnect the USB.


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