[Nut-upsuser] Powerware (Eaton) Prestige 9 UPS

Tim Dawson tadawson at tpcsvc.com
Sun Feb 2 21:40:46 UTC 2014

I noted some correspondence from several years back about supporting 
this device with bcmxcp, and the problems therein.  Since I have one of 
these UPS units, still going strong, and the Eaton LanSafe stuff has 
finally caused me enough grief to abandon it, I figured I'd take a look 
at this.

The issue is not that bad - the bcmxcp driver query of the topology 
block (2 bytes!) is returning as block 0x09 and not 0x13 . . . as per 
the protocol spec, "some command queries may return 0x9 even if that was 
not the query made" or some such verbage.

So, I made a change to bcmxcp_ser.c to handle block 0x43 a tad 
differently.  And after this, all works - the topology *IS* correctly 
detected, all meters and functions show, it's golden . . . It just 
appears that in the firmware on this thing, that the reply to query 0x43 
is a bit odd, and the authors of the initial code took far too sever an 
error handling path.

So, if anyone is still trying, this should get you going . . .

- Tim

--                 /* if (command <= 0x43) { */
                 if (command << 0x43) {
                         if ((command - 0x30) != block_number){

                                 ser_comm_fail("Receive error (Request 
%x!!!\n", block_number);
                                 return -1;

/* Dawson - Powerware Prestige is an odd reply to topology_init . . . 
but works!
    Fool it into thinking it got the correct block . . . 0x13, when 0x9 is
    actually returned.  Maintain valid checks on all other queries. 
2/2/2014 */

                 if (command == 0x43) {
                         if ((command - 0x30) != 0x13){
                                 ser_comm_fail("Receive error (Request comm
and): %x!!!\n", block_number);
                                 return -1;

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