[Nut-upsuser] compatable driver

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 03:09:05 UTC 2014

On Feb 7, 2014, at 10:04 PM, Muley wrote:

> Hi Charles,
> I tried the product ID option with the same result.

Hmm, it should have failed with a different error message, probably something about permissions.

What if you try:

/lib/nut/usbhid-ups -a name-of-ups -u root -x productid=3016

> Will 2.7.1 run on Fedora 14?

Not sure, I tend not to use RPM-based systems myself. We have a Fedora autobuilder, but that only checks whether the code compiles.

Please keep replies on the list. Hopefully someone else from the list can answer that - maybe Fedora has a backports system?

> Dick
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> On Feb 7, 2014, at 12:57 PM, Muley wrote:
> > This TrippLite device (09ae:3016) is not (or perhaps not yet) supported
> > by usbhid-ups. Please make sure you have an up-to-date version of NUT.
> We are now up to version 2.7.1.
> > If this does not fix the problem, try running the driver with the
> > '-x productid=3016' option. 
> It should work with usbhid-ups, although prior to 2.7.1, it won't get detected automatically. What happened when you tried this option?

Charles Lepple
clepple at gmail

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