[Nut-upsuser] Delayed UPS start up after shutdown?

Kris Jordan nut01.kj at sagebrushnetworks.com
Sun Jan 12 03:18:37 UTC 2014

Kris Jordan wrote, On 12/24/2013 2:16 PM:
> Angel Tsankov wrote, On 12/24/2013 1:22 AM:
>> On 12/06/2013 10:57 PM, Kris Jordan wrote:
>> > [...]
>>> (*) Some UPS's do provide extra options to determine when they will
>>> restore power to load.
>> That would be a nice feature.
>> Anyway, it is a strange thing that I can set the waiting time for 
>> power to be restored if main power comes back before offdelay has 
>> elapsed, but the UPS ignores this setting if main power comes back 
>> after offdelay has elapsed. To me it seems intuitive to restore power 
>> only after ondelay has elapsed no matter if main power has come back 
>> before or after offdelay.
> Depends a lot on the UPS's firmware. Cheap units tend to just turn on 
> instantly no matter what, and the better ones tend to follow your 
> directions. I still need to test the reboot functionality on my 5PX, 
> but if it's anything like the Evo850 (also MGE), it should behave. 
> I'll let you know.

Just tested the 5PX. I thought the Evo850 waited, but I must have only 
tested the case of AC being restored before offdelay had elapsed. So 
it's just like what the doc says, ondelay is only considered if AC is 
restored before offdelay elapses.

Not sure why they don't at least have a few seconds delay to make sure 
the AC is going to be stable before restoring power to the load.

I kept an eye on the ups.timer values after sending shutdown.return, 
they didn't change. Not a big deal though.

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