[Nut-upsuser] NUT + OpenBSD + dc2500cc + APC Smart-UPS SC620 = problem

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Sat May 3 12:20:38 UTC 2014

On May 2, 2014, at 3:26 AM, Kastus Shchuka wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to set up NUT on a mini-ITX system running OpenBSD 5.5.
> I have an APC Smart-UPS SC620 which runs perfectly well on Ubuntu,
> with nut-2.2.1. Ubuntu system uses ASUS motherboard.
> On mini-ITX system, I have Intel d2500cc motherboard with 4 serial ports.
> I've tested ports by connecting them with a null-modem cable and running cu
> in 2 terminals. Type in one terminal, output shows in the other, and vice versa.

Not sure if there is an easy way to do this in cu, but minicom has some defaults for file transfer programs. Is there an easy way to transfer a file, and see if characters get dropped under load?

Also, is that null-modem cable wired to test hardware handshaking?

> I disconnect UPS from Ubuntu system, connect it to OpenBSD, try apcsmart 
> driver, and in 15 seconds it comes back with a message "unable to detect 
> an APC Smart protocol UPS on port /dev/cua01". NUT is installed from OpenBSD
> packages, version 2.7.1. APC Smart protocol driver 3.2 (2.7.1)

In the event we missed something with the new driver, can you try with apcsmart-old?

I don't remember the details, but there were some changes related to how the modem control lines are set up.

If you want to run the driver in debug mode, you probably only need to pass one "-D" flag to see at what point the detection fails.

> I suspect there is something special with serial ports on d2500cc motherboard
> as I also tried, out of curiousity, apcupsd from OpenBSD ports, and it failed
> to detect the UPS either.

Does apctest from apcupsd have any better diagnostics?

> I wonder if anybody else has successfully run NUT on d2500cc motherboard with
> serial UPS? 

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