[Nut-upsuser] NUT Quit Working

Leslie Rhorer lrhorer at mygrande.net
Sat Sep 6 20:16:12 UTC 2014

On 9/6/2014 12:47 PM, Charles Lepple wrote:
> On Sep 6, 2014, at 12:39 PM, Leslie Rhorer <lrhorer at mygrande.net> wrote:
>> I made a number of hardware and software changes, including an upgrade to the latest software versions for that distro (Debian Wheezy),
> Can you be more specific about the changes?

	Well, I did an automated upgrade (apt-get upgrade), I changed to a 
multi-lane drive controller and RAID chassis, rather than using an eSATA 
port with a Port Multiplier chassis.

> Key variables:
> * USB controller information (old and new hardware)

	No changes.  The UPS is plugged into one of the rear USB ports on the 
motherboard, which was not changed.

> * Kernel versions, for both working and non-working setups

	Well, I'm not absolutely certain, but I don't think the kernel was 
upgraded by the automatic process.  The current kernel version is 
3.2.0-4-amd64.  I am going to take the server down for further 
maintenance in a few hours, and I have a hard drive with Debian Jessie 
on it.  I can try booting from that to see if it makes a difference.

> You might also want to try finding an older USB hub to put between the UPS and the motherboard. I wouldn't recommend this for production use, but it can be useful to isolate the problem. We have had a few reports of issues along these lines, but with no resolution (or at least, nobody has confirmed on the lists).

	I don't have one lying around.  Motherboards the last few years have 
been loaded with lots of USB ports, so I haven't had any need for a hub. 
  Note as I mentioned above, the motherboard has not changed.  I can 
surely try a different port...

	Oh, hey!  That seems to have worked.  I'm sure the UPS got plugged into 
a different port one of the (many) times the server was removed from the 
relay rack, and it was on a USB 3.0 port.  I moved it to a 1.0 port and 
everything seems to be working just fine.

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