[Nut-upsuser] NUT configuration with APC CS650 and ESXi host

DatGingerCat dat.ginger.cat at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 23:11:59 UTC 2015


I have decided to upgrade my home server by turning it into an ESXi host
and have also added an APC CS650 UPS.
My plan was to have NUT version 2.6.4 running in a Debian 7.7.0 virtual
machine, NUT installed using apt.
I configured NUT to run as a netserver, installed the ESXi nut .vib,
configured the shutdowncmd in the VM to do nothing, so that the ESXi host
would close that virtual machine last and only before it would shut down,
it would call the poweroff command. I set the offdelay option of the ups to
300s and ondelay option to 600s and here comes in my problem, whenever the
battery.low condition or the upssched script calls the FSD action,
everything will beging to shut down normally, except that the UPS will turn
off the load in about 100 seconds (while the ESXi host still needs over a
minute to shutdown and the VM has not yet called the poweroff flag).
I am at a bit of a loss what I could even try here, the only method that
seems to signal the ESXi host running the NUT slave service seems to be
calling the fsd action, the offdelay settings do nothing, I tried running a
shutdown.stop command which didn't do anything either. Any ideas, or is
this impossible with this UPS?

Thank you in advance
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