[Nut-upsuser] ups does not reboot itself

dmanye dmanye at urv.cat
Wed Jul 15 11:17:12 UTC 2015


i have a computer (with debian 8 jessie installed) that i want to plug 
to an ups (apc smt 750i) to act in netserver mode. i've installed nut 
packages and configured it and all seems to work ok except that when the 
server shutdown itself it ups doesn't "reboot" the outlets.

i've tested the same config (/etc/nut/*) just changing hostnames in 
another debian jessie computer (same kernel, different packages but 
identical nut packages) using the same ups and the same usb cable. i 
don't know why this second computer when doing the shutdown makes the 
ups "reboot" the outlets.

any ideas about what can be the reason that makes the ups behave 

thanks in advance.


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