[Nut-upsuser] No power cycle after shutdown on Atlantis Land OnePower A03-S1001

Davide Baldini baldiniebaldini at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 01:01:16 UTC 2015


my Atlantis UPS (model on "subject" line) fails to cycle off the outlet power after a power failure 
on the mains followed by an automatic shutdown of the computer. The UPS simply remains always on, 
preventing the computer from restarting.

** Setup: **

Nut version 2.7.2
Nut driver blazer_usb
Linux 4.1.1

The config files are pretty default; the peculiar customization is NOTIFYCMD from 
/etc/nut/upsmon.conf, which is:

     NOTIFYCMD /usr/local/bin/ups_events.sh

 From the bottom of the same upsmon.conf, the ONLINE and ONBATT events have the additional "+EXEC" 
flag, so these events are passed to my ups_events.sh .

This script is straightforward, pastebin here: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8848229
Apart from keeping logs, the only actions the script performs are:

   • when ONBATT is received:
     shutdown -h +3 &
     upscmd -u admin -p mypass myups shutdown.return 360

   • when ONLINE is received:
     shutdown -c
     upscmd -u admin -p mypass myups shutdown.stop

and everything seems to work fine, no errors reported, and even from /var/log/syslog all seems smooth:

     Instant command: admin at did shutdown.return with value "360" on myups
     instcmd(shutdown.return, 360)
     instcmd: command [shutdown.return] handled

When I manually unplug the mains, the computer waits 3 minutes, shutdowns, and there it stays. As 
per the above commands, issued from ups_events.sh, it is instead supposed to boot up after 6 minutes 
(360 / 60 seconds) counted from t₀, the moment of the unplug. After 20 seconds from the shutdown, 
and largely before the 6-minutes scheduled cycle, the UPS LEDs indicate the battery is again fully 
charged (*). Ever after the shutdown, the UPS appears to never cycle its output, and the computer 
doesn't restart.

(*) Side note: the UPS is moderately heavy duty, with redundant batteries, and the computer drains 
approx. 25% of its nominal output power; this is to justify the fast recharge.

-- Davide

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