[Nut-upsuser] upsmon errors with /usr/sbin/pm-suspend as the shutdown command

holomek at seznam.cz holomek at seznam.cz
Fri Apr 22 02:43:53 UTC 2016


While using pm-suspend script as the SHUTDOWNCMD, upsmon does not 
correctly handle its returned values and leaves UPS in the "ups.status: 
FSD OL CHRG" state forever.

This is with upsmon 2.6.5 from official Fedora Project packager. Box 
running Centos 6.7.

Initially, upsmon would not execute pm-suspend at all. Creation of a 
custom SELinux module or changing to Permissive mode allows the box to 
suspend, but UPS is never power-cycled afterwards.

After resuming, upsmon throws "parent: Unable to call shutdown command: 
/usr/sbin/pm-suspend" to syslog and crashes.

Similar issue was discussed here: 
- but now we can consider SELinux eliminated from the equation. With the 
default "shutdown -h" everything works fine.

What else can be tried?


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