[Nut-upsuser] NUT UPS Slave Not Shutting Down

Neetish Bhat neetishbhat at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 05:51:34 UTC 2016

Hello All,
I'm trying to establish a MASTER SLAVE configuration of UPS using NUT

I'm able to shutdown the master after UPS is on BATTERY ( POWER BLACKOUT)
.However I'm trying to shutdown the other SLAVE MACHINES BEFORE MASTER.
But at the remote side ( Slaves ) shutdown after UPS blackout does not

My configuration in Master are


               password  = admin
               instcmds = all
               allowfrom = localhost
               actions = SET
               upsmon master
              password  = admin
              instcmds = all
              actions = SET
              upsmon slave


       driver = usbhid-ups
       port = auto
       override.battery.charge.low = 90


        MONITOR ups_genric at 1 ups_user pass admin master
        SHUTDOWNCMD "/sbin/shutdown -h +0"
        POWERDOWNFLAG /etc/nut/killpower
        NOTIFYCMD "/usr/sbin/upssched"


       CMDSCRIPT /usr/etc/ups_cmd_file
       PIPEFN /usr/etc/upssched.pipe
       LOCKFN /usr/etc/upssched.lock
       AT ONBATT * START-TIMER onbatt 120
       AT ONLINE * CANCEL-TIMER onbatt


       MODE = netserver


       LISTEN 3493
       LISTEN ::1 3493



        MONITOR ups_genric at 1 ups_slave pass admin slave
        SHUTDOWNCMD "poweroff"
        POWERDOWNFLAG poweroff
        NOTIFYCMD "/usr/bin/upssched"

PS ! The Slave connects with UPS MASTER , when i monitor the upsmon using

        upsmon -u root -D -F  start

I get the output
root at nsb-3ms_series:~# upsmon -DDDDDDDDD -F -u root

    root at nsb-3ms_series:~# upsmon -DDDDDDDDD -F -u root
    Network UPS Tools upsmon 1.01-875
       0.000000    fopen /var/run/upsmon.pid: No such file or directory
       0.009147    UPS: ups_genric at (slave) (power value 1)
       0.009583    Using power down flag file poweroff
       0.012923    debug level is '9'

       0.222854    Trying to connect to UPS [ups_genric at]
       0.226477    Can not connect to in SSL, continue
       0.228872    Login on UPS [ups_genric at] failed - got
       0.229423    Current power value: 1

       5.230023    pollups: ups_genric at
       5.230164    get_var: ups_genric at / status
       5.231214    parse_status: [OL]
       5.231348    parsing: [OL]
       5.231415    ups_on_line: ups_genric at (first time)
       5.231482    Current power value: 1
       5.231543    Minimum power value: 1
      10.231707    pollups: ups_genric at
      10.231831    get_var: ups_genric at / status
      10.232861    parse_status: [OB DISCHRG]
      10.232975    parsing: [OB]
      10.233051    ups_on_batt: ups_genric at (first time)
      10.233124    do_notify: ntype 0x0001 (ONBATT)
      10.233190    UPS ups_genric at on battery
      10.233659    get_var: ups_genric at / battery
      10.234684    parsing: [DISCHRG]
      10.234801    Current power value: 1
      10.234866    Minimum power value: 1
    sh: wall: not found
      15.235033    pollups: ups_genric at
      15.235160    get_var: ups_genric at / status
      15.236251    parse_status: [OB DISCHRG]
      15.236361    parsing: [OB]
      15.236433    ups_on_batt: ups_genric at (first time)
      15.236503    do_notify: ntype 0x0001 (ONBATT)
      15.236569    UPS ups_genric at on battery
      15.237040    get_var: ups_genric at / battery
      15.238052    parsing: [DISCHRG]
      15.238161    Current power value: 1
      15.238227    Minimum power value: 1
      30.245695    pollups: ups_genric at
      30.245818    get_var: ups_genric at / status
      **35.251855    Poll UPS [ups_genric at] failed - Server
      35.251973    do_notify: ntype 0x0005 (COMMBAD)
      35.252041    Communications with UPS ups_genric at lost
      35.252518    Dropping connection to UPS [ups_genric at]
      35.252709    Current power value: 1
      35.252821    Minimum power value: 1

So as you can see, it detects the MASTER and gets status of UPS .
But MASTER shutsdown and slave still remains online.

      35.251855 Poll UPS [ups_genric at] failed - Server

Please help me

*Regards Neetish *
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