[Nut-upsuser] NUT on CentOS 7.2 doesn't cut power to the host after shutdown

Mark Hansen meh at Winfirst.Com
Sun Dec 25 22:14:58 UTC 2016

I'm running CentOS 7.2 and have the following NUT packages installed:

nut.x86_64                              2.7.2-3.el7                        @epel
nut-client.x86_64                       2.7.2-3.el7                        @epel

I have it configured based on the instructions in the following page:


and it's working except for two problems. One I created a separate thread for
(that the /var/run/nut directory does not get created when the services are
started) and this one:

I pulled the power on the UPS and let it run the battery down. Once it got
to 10% (or so) it initiated a shutdown of the host system. However, the host
system went power off before the UPS was instructed to cut power to the outlet.

The result of this is that the outlet never lost power, so once the UPS was back
on-line, the host would not automatically boot up.

I know there's a shutdown script added by NUT which is supposed to do an FSB (or
whatever it's called), but I think one of two things are happening:

1. The script is not working, so the FSB is never sent, or;
2. The host does its own power-off before the FSB command is sent to the UPS.

Or perhaps it's something else?

I'm not sure how to tell what's going wrong. Can I please get some guidance
on how to troubleshoot this and get it working?


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