[Nut-upsuser] Nut-upsuser Digest, Vol 127, Issue 3

Juergen Edner juergen at eisfair.org
Sat Jan 23 12:21:12 UTC 2016

Hello Gene,

> I just had a similar situation using heyu on /dev/ttyUSB0. I could
> find the udev rule that had changed it, so I took the next best
> route, got root and put a chmod and a chown of that port in my
> /etc/rc.local file, which runs last at bootup.  And heyu is once
> again a happy camper.
> This might not be your problem, but its something to check.

thank for mentioning it, but that's indeed one point I've always checked
first because I ran into that problem too in the past ;-)

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