[Nut-upsuser] Best practice to shutdown hosts which has not NUT via upssched

Dmitri Stepanov dstep at mail.ru
Thu Jul 14 16:14:33 UTC 2016

Thank you for answer Stuart

>Среда, 13 июля 2016, 17:54 +03:00 от Stuart Gathman <stuart at gathman.org>:
>On 07/13/2016 10:02 AM, Stuart Gathman wrote:
>> On 07/13/2016 04:17 AM, Dmitri Stepanov wrote:
>>>    I need to shutdown a number of hosts which has not NUT from one which has it.
>> Let's make sure you are not missing an obvious point.  By "has not NUT",
>> you might mean not running upsd.  The best practice is to run upsmon on
>> the other hosts.  This does not require running NUT proper (server).  Is
>> there some reason why you can't run upsmon on the other hosts? 
>> Typically, upsd and drivers are packaged as something like "nut-server",
>> whereas upsmon is packaged as "nut-client".
>If you truly can't run upsmon, then you can speak the upsd protocol
>directly over tcp.  For an example non-nut implementation, look at the
>"check_ups" plugin for nagios.  It queries a NUT server for basic
>information, including whether it is on battery.

Some of those hosts haven't NUT including upsmon (and other software which is not included by suppliers of the hosts) for a number of reasons. I don't need to inform not-NUT hosts about any UPS events, etc... but only shutdown all the hosts after upssched timer expired. So I think shutdown them via ssh would be enough and creating some replacement for upsmon is too much.

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