[Nut-upsuser] Best practice to shutdown hosts which has not NUT via upssched

Kris Jordan nut01.kj at sagebrushnetworks.com
Thu Jul 14 22:54:09 UTC 2016

Dmitri Stepanov wrote on 7/14/2016 5:18 AM:
> All the hosts are installed together in one rack and have fed from one 
> UPS (only I am remote from the system :) and I haven't ability to 
> connect to it. Some of hosts haven't NUT for a number of reasons. I 
> don't need to inform not-NUT hosts about any UPS events, heartbeat, 
> etc... but only shutdown all the hosts after upssched timer expired. 
> Because script shutdown-all-hosts.sh works fine (there is no ssh 
> problem) if it's been run by hand but don't work from CMDSCRIPT - I 
> thought that I miss something "at the NUT side".

I do something similar, I don't want inbound connections (DMZ --> LAN), 
so I use SSH.

SSH environment difference (e.g. SSH agent forwarding)? That could 
explain why it works manually, but not when unattended (upssched).

I specifically set SSH_AUTH_SOCK="" in my shutdown script so it won't 
affect my testing when running the script by hand. I use ssh -i 
<password-less identity file> for each host to shut down.

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