[Nut-upsuser] Tripplite SMART2200VS with tripplite_usb: UPS doesn't shut down

Larry Fahnoe fahnoe at fahnoetech.com
Thu May 26 17:52:02 UTC 2016

Good news, with the UPS on battery power, /lib/nut/tripplite_usb -a
tripplite -k -DDD *does* shut the UPS down:

# /lib/nut/tripplite_usb -a tripplite -k -DDD
Network UPS Tools - Tripp Lite OMNIVS / SMARTPRO driver 0.20 (2.7.2)
Warning: This is an experimental driver.
Some features may not function correctly.

   0.000000 debug level is '3'
   0.003081 Checking device (09AE/0001) (001/004)
   0.014348 - VendorID: 09ae
   0.014421 - ProductID: 0001
   0.014466 - Manufacturer: TRIPP LITE
   0.014511 - Product: TRIPP LITE SMART2200VS
   0.014554 - Serial Number: unknown
   0.014597 - Bus: 001
   0.014640 Trying to match device
   0.015020 Device matches
   0.015844 Detected a UPS: TRIPP LITE/TRIPP LITE SMART2200VS
   0.015926 Initiating UPS shutdown
   0.015975 soft_shutdown(offdelay=64): N
   0.016021 send_cmd(msg_len=4, type='N')
   2.117236 send_cmd(msg_len=2, type='G')

Driver exited and UPS shut down a little after 64 seconds.  Will continue
with additional testing to make sure all the components work together.

As background, the intended application is to use the Raspberry Pi as the
NUT master controlling the UPS while the NUT slave is running on an ESXi

Thanks for the help!


On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 10:07 PM, Charles Lepple <clepple at gmail.com> wrote:
> On May 25, 2016, at 9:42 PM, Larry Fahnoe <fahnoe at fahnoetech.com> wrote:
> >
> > So the current NUT can't cause this UPS to power off the load while it
is on line power, correct?  I will update the nut-server init script with
the sleep/reboot logic per FAQ #51.
> Correct.
> > My larger concern is testing the UPS to ensure it shuts down correctly
and comes back up correctly as well.  My concern is driven by my
observation that with older versions of NUT using the tripplite_usb driver,
this UPS has *not* correctly shut down while on battery, thus the batteries
drained and the UPS never supplied load power once line power had been
> To be honest, most of my testing with Raspbian has been just debugging
drivers during normal operation, not with the shutdown scripts. I also
haven't had much of a chance to test with systemd.
> Even stranger, someone else saw the opposite problem with the same .deb
version in Debian/x86:
> >  I assume the next logical test would be to do the same test
(/lib/nut/tripplite_usb -a tripplite -k -DDD) while the UPS is on battery?
> Yes.
> > Are the serial drivers any better at this sort of thing than the USB
driver for these older Tripplite UPS systems?
> Not sure - the OMNIVS1000 that I used to test tripplite_usb does not have
a serial port.
> There seem to be some options to force the UPS to reboot, but it is
unclear which protocol number the serial driver was written for.
> --
> Charles Lepple
> clepple at gmail

Larry Fahnoe, Fahnoe Technology Consulting, fahnoe at FahnoeTech.com
           Minneapolis, Minnesota       www.FahnoeTech.com
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