[Nut-upsuser] Powerwalker VI 2200VA LCD

Lars de Bruin lars at larsdebruin.net
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- The device never re-connects to the system, i have to physically remove the USB plug and insert it again for the device to come back.
- This does not happen when running the driver from the supplier. (java process)
- When i poll every 60s it works for about 3 days, anything lower or higher causes it to disconnect faster
- The big log i sent is not the output of the driver? if not how can i enable that ?

Thank you for your time..

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The huge log doesn't show anything troublesome or problematic.

The part of the driver output you posted on your third-to-last email
only shows that the device disconnects and then it doesn't reconnect,
or, at least, the driver doesn't see it:
- At that point, does the device reconnet to the system? (Does it show
up on dmesg? What does `lsusb -d 06da:ffff -v` return?)
- It could be helpful to know what happened just before the
disconnection to see if there is any correlation with driver activity:
any chance you have the log of the driver running in debug mode till
that point?

A fair guess could be that the device is already busy doing something
and considers communication of a lower priority and hence stops it.
Were this the case (but, then, I would expect the device to reconnect
and the driver to restart communication), a 'full update' would likely
be the culprit, and hence increasing 'pollfreq', while not curing the
problem, could at least decrease the chance of experiencing it.
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