[Nut-upsuser] NUT Client shuts down when performing runtime calibration on APC UPS

Merk - Oliver oliver.merk at pecon.biz
Tue Jan 10 14:58:07 UTC 2017

In the meantime I learn more and more about NUT. And I've learned that QNAP is not using all of NUT but has instead of upsmon its own process called upsutil (https://qnap.uservoice.com/forums/213378-enterprise-features/suggestions/4225398-full-and-native-support-of-nut-ups-management) which is not supporting all the features. The configuration data for the UPS is stored in the file uLinux.conf, I think upsmon.conf is not used at all. Also the QNAP UPS implementation uses only NUT driver and daemon for signaling, but it only uses the event "change to OB" for starting a shutdown timer. It is not using the "OB LB" status, which I would definitely prefer, since it is a dynamic trigger event and works also reliable, if battery (and runtime) capacity is getting lower. For me I would like to let run the systems as long as possible on battery and not to go through a shutdown/reboot procedure without really being necessary. Just like the default behavior of NUT.

I have a second system (Custom build SAN with a FreeBSD based firmware NAS4Free), that also has shut down premature during a runtime calibration. Since I cannot do tests on this system (it is the storage for our VM Servers) I need to get the firmware running in a VM for testing. I hope the implementation of NUT in this firmware is better than in the QNAP system.

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