[Nut-upsuser] Compaq R3000h support

Tomas Larsson tomas.larsson at enrad.se
Sat Jul 22 12:53:45 UTC 2017

Ok, If I'll get an SNMP-card, would I have better control over the ups.

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Tomas Larsson

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On Jul 22, 2017, at 4:13 AM, Tomas Larsson <tomas.larsson at enrad.se> wrote:
> I am planning to install NUT (master) on a headless CENTOS 6.8 system.
> Connect the UPS with seral cable.

It looks like this might be using the upscode2 driver (UPScode-II protocol), right?

> Now my main question is, Does NUT support the power segments on the UPS.
> My intention is to be able to take down the system in an ordered way before the batteries are exhausted.

The upscode2 driver does not seem to support the segments, although this is a limitation of that driver rather than the rest of NUT. I have not looked into the protocol document too much, but it should be possible to add this. (It would probably be best if we could find someone with a spare UPS who is willing to test, though - you might not want to do this in production.)

> I.e
> 5 mins after Power Loss take shut down the servers on segment 3.
> When they are down, shut down power for segment 3 Then repeat for 
> segment 2 And finally process servers on segment 1
I do not use upsched (which is generally necessary for shutting down after a specified time on battery, rather than when the UPS determines that the battery is low), but it should be possible to do this even without controlling the segments.

Perhaps someone else with more recent experience can comment on this.

> Servers are a mix of Centos, W2k8R2 and ESXi5.5 with W2k8(R2).
> Workstationisi W10Pro
> NAS is Synology Rackstation RS816

I also have not used a Synology device, but as I recall, they generally expect to be the NUT master system. This may cause problems if you need to do something fancy with upssched.
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