[Nut-upsuser] Apple Mac slave

Robbie van der Walle rvanderwalle at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 19:42:52 UTC 2017

> I see upsd and the first upsmon are running as "root".  They are often run as user "nut" or "upsd”.

Apparently Synology has implemented it standard like this. 

Upsmon.conf on the Synology NAS:


I suppose this needs to be changed from a security point of view. 

> I don't know the Synology NAS, but I guess that unless it is shutdown completely, it will still draw power.  Will the safe-mode drain the UPS completely, leading to a crash?

Good question and I don’t know the answer yet. 

This is what I can find about safe-mode means that all services are stopped and volumes (unmounted). So I quess it is not completely shut down and wil draw still power. 

I have to examine this.  

> Out of curiosity, when you shut down the NAS, do you run the command
> "upsdrvctl shutdown" ?  Do you see or hear anything to suggest that the delayed UPS shutdown has happened?

I don’t know where to search to answer this. The delayed UPS shutdown means that Synology NAS will turn off the UPS after the delay? 

ups.delay.shutdown Interval to wait after shutdown with delay command (seconds). Shutdown of what?  I don’t know what is means. 

> Now for the Mac: You will need to have upsmon running on the Mac
> with a MONITOR declaration of the form
>   MONITOR UPS at NAS 1 <upsmaster> <password> slave
> Setting "slave" says that upsmon on the Mac is to shutdown the Mac as soon as LB is detected in the NAS.

On the Mac I have in upsmon.conf 

MONITOR ups@<ip address> 1 <user> <password> slave

2. On the NAS, use command

  upsrw -s battery.charge.low=80 -u upsmaster -s sekret UPS

to set the low limit very high during testing.  This will speed up your testing.  You can reset it to something else later.

When I run this command:

upsc ups at localhost:

battery.charge.low: 10

The commando upsrw cannot be found on the Synology NAS? 

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