[Nut-upsuser] Apple Mac slave

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Fri Jun 9 07:00:06 UTC 2017

On Thu, 8 Jun 2017, Robbie van der Walle wrote:

> After the first test and the NAS is restarted I had to change the 
> setting battery.charge.low again to 80 

Does the NAS DSM reset battery.charge.low to 10 or is it internal to the 
UPS?  You will have to experiment by disconnecting the UPS control lead 
from the NAS and connecting it (if possible) to the Mac.  After setting to 
80 and a power off-on cycle is the value 80 or 10?

> 3. Users from the NAS are warned, not yet the Mac user.  Only when 
> executing automatic power-fail shutdown. 

In upsmon.conf on the Mac, what are the values of NOTIFYMSG ONBATT and 
NOTIFYFLAG ONBATT?  Does program wall work on the Mac? It fails on a lot 
of Linux boxes with graphical interfaces - to get a message to the user, 
you have to use notify-send, which means setting up upssched.

> 7. No they didn’t restart. I know there is a setting on the NAS to 
> activate this. I will check and try again. 

Does the NAS have a BIOS option "Power on when AC resumes"?


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