[Nut-upsuser] Unable to use nut-2.7.4 with Eaton 5E1500I USB

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro
Wed Jun 14 13:16:53 UTC 2017


On 06/14/2017 03:32 PM, Arnaud Quette wrote:
> On Jun 7, 2017, at 5:47 AM, Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro 
> <mailto:wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>> wrote:
>>         >
>>         >    If that matters, the OS is a fully updated CentOS 6.9
>>         and this (latest stable ) version of nut was packaged by me.
>>         The problem appears on any of the USB ports ( well, I tried
>>         the 2 in front and one in the back of the server ).
>>         >
>>         > lsusb -v reports:
>>         ...
>>         >         wDescriptorLength     549
>>         >          Warning: incomplete report descriptor
>>         >          Report Descriptor: (length is 9)
>>         >            Item(Main  ): (null), data=none
>>         Because both NUT and lsusb are having trouble retrieving the
>>         HID Report Descriptor, I think the problem is at a lower
>>         level: probably between the UPS, the kernel, and the USB HCI.
>>         The archives have a number of unresolved emails about the 5E
>>         and "broken pipe" errors.
>>         Probably worth checking with Eaton, too.
>>     Charles is right in both the fact that the issue is (or at least
>>     seems to be) upstream to NUT, and also that it's worth checking
>>     with "Eaton"
>         I've approached "them" ( apparently my request for supported
>     landed at after-sales support/Romania ) as soon as Charles
>     replied. Unfortunately the "dialogue" rather stalls, they seem to
>     have a policy to not send more than one email every 3 days.
>     Leaving aside that after telling them that I am using an *USB
>     *unit (and providing USB-related logs ) they wanted to know if I
>     was using *SNMP*.
> no comments ;)
.... still no reply from them ...

>>     Could you please tell me your kernel
>     [root at belgrade ~]# uname -r
>     2.6.32-696.3.1.el6.x86_64
> that may be part of the issue... long time I've not tried the 2.x 
> series, not sure how it goes nowadays.
> btw, any interesting "usb" messages from your syslog?
> also, would you be able to test with a 3.x or 4.x, at least to see if 
> that improves / solves the issue?
It's a bit tricky. I tried to use the kernel-lt package from the elrepo 
repository ( incidentally I am also part of the elrepo team but I am in 
charge with other packages, not the kernels ) and failed miserably. For 
reasons unknown to me ( and not logged ) the system failed to boot and a 
colleague from that office had to manually make it use the stock CentOS 
kernel ( typing what I was dictating to him over the phone .. )
Due to a complete lack of logs, I have absolutely no idea what happened 
and since the machine is critical for the activity there, I am a bit 
reluctant to try again

>>     Would you also be able to test some github code?
>>     We have the libusb-1.0 branch that provides both libusb 1.0
>>     support (interesting to test to see if the problem still happens)
>>     along with few other improvements (though these should not help
>>     for your issue):
>>     https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/tree/libusb-1.0
>>     <https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/tree/libusb-1.0>
>     I can and I will test ( tomorrow, probably ).

I just packaged and tested it ( see below some comments, not important 
for my issue here )
Unfortunately there is no change in the output:

[root at belgrade ~]#u root -x explore -x vendorid="0463" -a eaton
Network UPS Tools - Generic HID driver 0.42 (
USB communication driver (libusb 0.1) 0.33
    0.000000     [D1] debug level is '4'
    0.012088     [D1] upsdrv_initups...
    8.248213     [D2] Checking device (0463/FFFF) (002/004)
    9.249069     [D2] - VendorID: 0463
    9.249094     [D2] - ProductID: ffff
    9.249129     [D2] - Manufacturer: unknown
    9.249135     [D2] - Product: unknown
    9.249140     [D2] - Serial Number: unknown
    9.249145     [D2] - Bus: 002
    9.249151     [D2] - Device release number: 0001
    9.249156     [D2] Trying to match device
    9.249199     [D2] Device matches
    9.249209     [D2] failed to claim USB device: could not claim 
interface 0: Device or resource busy
    9.249373     [D2] detached kernel driver from USB device...
    9.249394     [D3] nut_usb_set_altinterface: skipped 
usb_set_altinterface(udev, 0)
    9.249991     [D2] Unable to get HID descriptor (error sending 
control message: Broken pipe)
    9.250002     [D3] HID descriptor length (method 1) -1
    9.250009     [D4] i=0, extra[i]=09, extra[i+1]=21
    9.250017     [D3] HID descriptor, method 2: (9 bytes) => 09 21 10 01 
21 01 22 25 02
    9.250023     [D3] HID descriptor length (method 2) 549
    9.250028     [D2] HID descriptor length 549
    9.250515     [D2] Unable to get Report descriptor: Broken pipe

     Comments on the new tree:
a)    there seem to be some missing files in the tree:
- some bits for augeas, devs and udev:
configure.ac:1526: required file `scripts/augeas/nutupsconf.aug.in' not 
configure.ac:1526: required file `scripts/devd/nut-usb.conf.in' not found
configure.ac:1526: required file `scripts/udev/nut-usbups.rules.in' not 
- all man pages
b) on top of that, I did not manage to include the manpages in the final 
rpms because the new configure script insists on using tools not 
available on CentOS 6 ( a newer asciidoc, for a start ) and I was too 
lazy to just include the pages as they are. Why did you change that 
towards 2.7.4, oooh why ? It was working sooooooooooooo fine....

     FWIW, I modified the spec to create a separate subpackage for the 
augeas lenses/modules -- those did not seem to exists in 2.7.4. If 
anyone wishes to toy with the spec or rpm packages I will be happy to 
share them.


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