[Nut-upsuser] [HCL] Cyber Power Systems CP1500AVRLCDa supported by usbhid-ups

Mike the.lists at mgm51.com
Wed May 31 14:54:47 UTC 2017

On 5/30/2017 10:47 PM, Charles Lepple wrote:
> On May 22, 2017, at 11:13 AM, Mike <the.lists at mgm51.com> wrote:
>> On 5/21/2017 10:39 AM, Charles Lepple wrote:
> The units supported by the usbhid-ups driver are usually solid enough that you can do preliminary debugging without manually shutting everything down (or worrying that stray commands will trigger an inadvertent shutdown). You would just have a few gaps in the logs, if you are recording the values continuously. Plus, there's the obvious advice not to do this when the weather forecast is looking grim.

I have another CyberPower UPS I can swap in for a while so that I can
play with the CP1500AVRLCDa, the stand-in's batteries won't last as
long, but I'll be home so that won't be a problem.

I do have a variac.  Probably the last time I used it was somewhere
around 30-35 years ago.


I have some time this coming weekend, so I'll shoot for that.

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