[Nut-upsuser] detailed ups.test.result

James bjlockie at lockie.ca
Sun Dec 16 03:32:50 GMT 2018

My UPS has an LCD that says the battery is 100% and the estimated run 
time is 12min.
The uspc has similar results.
The problem is when line power is lost the UPS batter goes to 0% very 
quickly (seconds).

It charged to 85% when power was restored.
86-100% is slower.

I did:
$ upscmd desktop_ups test.battery.start.deep
Username (admin):

Now the ups.test.result says there is a warning.
I suspect this will tell me the error.

$ upsc desktop_ups ups.test.result
Done and warning

How do I get more details about the result?
Surely there must be more.

Are the symptoms consistent with a failed battery?
It is old.

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