[Nut-upsuser] APC Back UPS?

Ben Kamen ben at benkamen.net
Fri Dec 28 16:27:37 GMT 2018

On 12/28/18 12:24 AM, David Melik wrote:
> On 12/27/18 8:17 AM, Charles Lepple wrote:
>>>> Maybe it's not a standard ethernet-to-UPS cable?
>>> That's Ben's point - either it is actual Ethernet (usually found on an add-on UPS SNMP monitoring card, where the jack typically has two status LEDs, one on either side of the notch for the modular plug tab) that needs to go to another Ethernet jack on a NIC or a switch, or it is a proprietary APC cable that vaguely resembles an Ethernet cable on one end. (I was incorrect when I said 8P8C before - MGE uses 8P8C modular jacks for similar USB/serial proprietary cables.)
>>> It might be this 10-pin modular connector: http://pinoutguide.com/UPS/apc_usb_cable_pinout.shtml
>> Correction to my correction: apparently APC uses both 8-pin and 10-pin modular jacks.
>> The SmartUPS C1000 has a 10-pin jack labeled serial (and the industry-standard USB Type B jack for USB, hooray), but for your models, a few images online seem to show an 8-pin jack labeled "data port" for the BackUPS Pro 1000 and BackUPS NS 1080.
> But these eight-pin ones aren't actually ethernet?  If not, I hope APC sells extras...

I'm sure they do. (sell extra cables) -- plus if you have crimpers and a USB cable with a dead micro/mini end, making another cable wouldn't be hard.

It's most definitely not Ethernet.

LIke I said - I have a BackUPS 350... it has the 8p8c modular connector and came with a cable that plugs into USB.


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