[Nut-upsuser] testing shutdown: pc not restarting; and "ups unavailable" messages

nut.user.u830 at neverbox.com nut.user.u830 at neverbox.com
Thu Feb 1 12:23:26 UTC 2018

> When a UPS unit performs a delayed power off (NUT sets the delay to 20 seconds 
> by default) it deconnects its power outlets which in some UPS units produces an 
> audible "clunk".  The display of lights on the front panel changes, and the 
> beeping stops.  The delayed power off can be demonstrated with a light bulb or a 
> mains circuit tester connected to one of the UPS power outlets.

Out of curiosity: if the PC has already been switched off from software by the shutdown script, how would it know that the power has been cut while it was off? Are you telling me that the power supply of the PC keeps checking its incoming AC supply even while off, and that with the BIOS setting I selected it will wake up the PC even after a power cut DURING WHICH the PC was already off? I never imagined that... I guess it's something I could try independently, once I find a quiet time with no disk activity when it's OK to shut down that computer.

> I looked at the product documentation at 
> https://www.cyberpower.com/uk/en/product/sku/Value800EILCD and could find 
> nothing about shutting down the UPS power outlets. Although the 800EILCD is able 
> to turn off the beeper, this in itself is not sufficient. The proposed typical 
> applications include NAS & Servers so it should be possible. Perhaps you could 
> ask the Cyber Power support people if the 800EILCD has this function.

What exactly should I be asking? "Is it possible to switch off the power to the outgoing outlet by sending a command to the UPS via USB, and what is that command?" They provide their own Linux software, which I ignored in favour of NUT, so I suspect their answer, if any, might be limited to what can be done through that.

> I see at http://networkupstools.org/ddl/Cyber_Power_Systems/Value_800E.html that 
> the Value 800E does not have variables such as
>  load.off.delay - Turn off the load with a delay (seconds)
>  load.on.delay - Turn on the load with a delay (seconds)
> What does command ? upscmd -l <UPS> ? report?

I'll try this tonight when I'm back home.

Many thanks for your help.

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