[Nut-upsuser] NUT messes up UPS after mains power is restored

Ong, Kevin Kevin.Ong at ingrammicro.com
Tue Sep 4 00:49:20 BST 2018

Hi Charles,
Ok. I'm testing NUT now with only pfsense running as the master and no slaves. I'm noticing a very strange behavior that totally doesn't make sense to me. So here's what I did (in chronological order):

  1.  Set override.battery.charge.warning to 55 and override.battery.charge.low to 50.
  2.  I started with a full charge battery and unplugged the UPS from the mains.
  3.  The UPS status in the pfsense picked up the change and says Online, discharging.
  4.  As soon as the battery charge hits 50, the state changed to FSD which is what is expected. So far so good.
  5.  Since no slaves are present, the pfsense box turned off itself pretty quick.
  6.  The UPS waited for a few more seconds before it finally cut off the load power to the rest of its ports. All good.
  7.  Now I plug the mains back into the UPS. As soon as I do this, the UPS turns on BUT stays at battery mode (so discharging).
  8.  It supplies power back to all ports and pfsense and the other devices started booting.
  9.  Then the UPS itself detects that the battery charge is still below 50% (of course, because it needs time to charge and it is even at a discharging state now) and then a few seconds later the unit turns off again. It seems that the killpower command given to it by the pfsense is still being enforced even though the mains is already connected and providing power.
  10. Then it turns on by itself again. And this vicious cycle continues over and over until I disconnected the USB serial connection in the back of the UPS.
What have I done wrong here? Why doesn't the UPS detect that the mains power is already back when the USB serial connection is plugged in. It seems to me that the command given by the pfsense NUT package is messing the behavior of the UPS.
Here's my post on the pfsense forum about it: https://forum.netgate.com/topic/102959/nut-package/389

Thank you.



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