[Nut-upsuser] snmp-ups driver for APC smartUPS No supported device detected. Nut-scanner finds the device

Ito-Cole, Kaeny (Student) Kaeny.Ito-Cole.stu at gtri.gatech.edu
Fri Sep 14 19:34:51 BST 2018

OS: CentOS 7

NUT Version: 2.7

Installed NUT through: yum install nut

UPS: APC smart UPS srt3000 with NMC


I am trying to set up NUT with snmp for my apc ups. Heres the config;


                Driver = snmp-ups

                Port: ups6.domain.name (also tried

                Snmp_version = v3

                secLevel = authPriv

                secName = ups6

                authPassword = PASSWORDSTRING

                authProtocol = MD5

                privPassword = PASSWORDSTRING

                privProtocol = AES

                pollfreq = 15

                desc = “apc ups”


But when I run the service, I get this error


# /usr/sbin/upsdrvctl start


Network UPS Tools – UPS driver controller 2.7.2

Network UPS Tools – Generic SNMP UPS driver 0.72 (2.7.2)

No support device detected

Driver failed to start (exit status=1)


But nut-scanner finds the UPS


# nut-scanner -S -s


Scanning SNMP bus.


                driver = “snmp-ups”

                port = “”

                desc = “Smart-UPS SRT                   3000”

                mibs = “ictf”

                community = “public”


                driver = “snmp-ups”

                port = “”

                desc = “Smart-UPS SRT                   3000”

                mibs = “apcc”

                community = “public”


Any idea what is going on? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



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