[Nut-upsuser] network problem

Thierry Vorms vormsty at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 02:50:53 BST 2019


sorry for disturbing the list but i am just an "amateur" and have 
problem to configure the nut network

For the config I have one NUT server and want ot have two clients

The client on the NUT server is running well but the client on the 
network is not able to connect to the server

The NUT server is an ubuntu 18.04 machine.

If I run the nut monitor on the server, the monitor found the ups.

If I replace localhost by the staticĀ  ip address ie it 
doesnt work anymore.

if I replace localhost by it is ok

If I ping the static ip address it is ok

The machine has only one physical network interface, but there is docker 
and many virtual interface.

If any body can help me i will be very happy !

Best regards

Thierry Vorms

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