[Nut-upsuser] How to setup the NUT client on Windows?

Kris Jordan nut02.kj at sagebrushnetworks.com
Wed Nov 13 02:01:04 GMT 2019

planet.et at gmail.com wrote on 11/12/2019 3:16 PM
>> IPP-Unix (NUT) was listed as a supported protocol in IPP last I saw, and
>> it's still listed in the user manual.
>> http://pqsoftware.eaton.com/explore/eng/ipp/default.htm
> True. But I don't really know what those 2 mentions of NUT in the manual mean.
> On the other hand, I directly asked the technical support of Eaton and
> they told me IPP does not include any NUT client.
> And I tried to discover the NAS NUT server via IPP but it didn't worked too.
> So the tech guy of the support may have answered me wrong, I may also
> have made a mistake in the way I tried to discover the NAS NUT server
> using IPP or trying to discover the NAS NUT server was maybe not the
> right thing to do, but so far I don't know how to confirm or not if
> there's any way via IPP.

I looked at it and I don't see a driver node for NUT, so I guess that 
means no support. Not sure why it's still mentioned in the global 
authentication options then.

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