[Nut-upsuser] Debian 10 nut 2.7.4-8 and APC Back UPS 600i on 940-0020B

tovis r-visor tovis at r-visor.hu
Wed Sep 11 10:25:41 BST 2019

> On Sun, 8 Sep 2019, tovis r-visor wrote:
>> After long struggling, check every parts of UPS and cable, I have realized
>> that is after boot I reload the driver the system work well:
>> # systemctl restart nut-driver.service
>> I was checked up to real "battery low" and shutdown, switch off the UPS
every thing goes well.
>> I was activated /etc/rc.local but it is starting before that Netwrok
UPS Tools starting - nothing to restart.
>> What can I do now?
>> Any suggestion?
> Normally there is no need to explicitly start nut-driver.servce.  It is
> automatically by nut-server.service. How do you start your NUT
> installation?
> Do you use the systemd script provided by NUT or other systemd service
> Could you show us the script/service units?
> Roger

Hi Roger!
It's all about Debian 10 binary packages. I'm nothing change exclude
configuration files. Actually I found these units:
# systemctl list-unit-files | grep nut
nut-client.service   enabled
nut-driver.service   static
nut-monitor.service  enabled
nut-server.service   enabled

I does not change any of them. Simple, after boot, using
$ watch upsc MYUPS
what is give me "LB OL"
from another terminal I restart:
# systemctl restart nut-driver.service
after some seconds the status is changed to simply "OL".
Also for sure I was unplug 230V from UPS the system was shutdown after
about  15 min and at finish the UPS was switched off, as usually (I was
used a 12V/7Ah accumulator to get result faster).
Unfortunately I do not know ho to automatize this "work around".

Any suggestion?

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