[Nut-upsuser] [EXTERNAL] SNMP shutdown timing out

David Zomaya David_Zomaya at tripplite.com
Thu Apr 30 00:11:21 BST 2020

The encryption of SNMPv3 will might make it little harder to debug with tcpdump if you have to drill into packet contents. Switching to v1/2c for troubleshooting would make it plaintext, but then not exactly apples to apples to now.

Maybe someone will have a more elegant suggestion.

Thank you,


David Zomaya

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Hi David

On 4/29/20 3:28 PM, David Zomaya wrote:
> Is NUT using the same SNMP v3 user as your SNMP Set or a different one?
> If it is a different one (e.g. an SNMP v1 or v2c string) does that user
> / community string have read/write access?

I tried setting them all with -x thing= arguments as well as letting it
pull from ups.conf, same result. It's all SNMPv3 settings.

sudo snmp-ups -DDDD -a nutdev1 -x secLevel=authPriv -x secName=nut -x
authProtocol=MD5 -x privProtocol=DES -x
authPassword=NutScan at Password43LongerWord -x
privPassword=NutScan at Password43LongerWord -k

The output with -DDDD is the same either way.

> tcpdump to listen for packets across UDP 161 is one way to check what is
> actually being sent.

I guess that really is the next step, isn't it? Darn. I was hoping to
avoid that. Can't do it until Monday, I'm out of time for this project
this week. Thanks for the suggestion.


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