[Nut-upsuser] Synology NAS is shutting down Ubuntu servers after very brief power outage (fwd)

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro
Wed Aug 12 09:08:09 BST 2020

On 8/12/20 8:10 AM, Tim Dawson wrote:
> For directory permissions, the "x" priv determines if you can access 
> the directory, so going from 555 (r-x,r-x,r-x) to 640 (rw-,r--,---) 
> pretty much locks out access to the dir. Myself, I'd go back to 555. 
> 640 essentially locks the group "nut" out . . .
> - Tim

At least if on Todd's system the access rights are identical to mine, 
no, nut is just fine with 640 because the whole directory is owned by 
group nut. And nut ( or anyone else but root, actually ) has no business 
in modifying the config files.  Actually I'd be quite concerned if user 
"nut" wanted to modify its own config.

Logs are written somewhere else.

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