[Nut-upsuser] UPS Reboots when Pi Reboots!

James Fischl jdefalconr at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 16 08:01:09 BST 2020

Thank you Roger, I appreciate the response. I'll have to check my commands, I believe I started it with those systemctl commands you provided. What I can say is that oddly enough after completing the server config and after two more reboots a reboot of the Pi doesn't seem to be causing the UPS to reboot anymore. I have a bit more config to do on slave machines tomorrow but after that I'll do testing - including pulling the plug - and see what happens.

I do recall from reading the documentation that the master can initiate a reboot of the UPS and that in a shutdown event I believe it's supposed to do actually trigger a delayed shutdown to occur after the master's own power-off. How that gets mixed up with an OS reboot is odd to me...perhaps something scripted in relation to the NUT service stopping?

Google searching did by the way yield one and only one other mention of something like what I experienced: https://serverfault.com/questions/858267/network-ups-tools-nut-causing-ups-to-reboot. So at least I'm not completely nuts, just partially.

Thanks again for your help.

On Aug 15, 2020 10:44 PM, Roger Price <roger at rogerprice.org> wrote:
On Sat, 15 Aug 2020, James Fischl wrote:

> OS: Raspbian Lite 4.19 (Linux 5.4.51-v7l+ armv7l)NUT version: 2.7.4
> Install Method: Package (apt-get)
> Device Name: CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD, connected via USB
> Problem: This is a brand-new installation; the only step I've taken is my initial edit of /etc/nut/ups.conf (which I'll post below). I started the driver
> and after doing so issued a reboot command to my Raspberry Pi (sudo reboot). After doing so my UPS rebooted itself, quite a problem given all the other
> equipment connected to it. How do I prevent that from happening?

The usual way of starting NUT is

  systemctl start nut-server.service
  systemctl start nut-monitor.service

The driver will be started automatically by upsd (nut-server).  What happens if
you start that way?

what happens when you pull the wall power?


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