[Nut-upsuser] [POSSIBLE FRAUD] Re: [EXTERNAL] Tripp Lite INTERNET750U instant commands ?

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Sat Jan 4 05:16:49 GMT 2020

On Friday 03 January 2020 23:06:07 jean-roch blais wrote:

> Ok thank's for your time David, the PSUs, I have two old ones, are
> working very well. I simply put in new batteries and on they go :-).
> I'm using the PSUs mostly to secure my Raspberry PIs, which are
> notorious to fail (SD card) on power failures. Bye, jrb.
Having been using pi's to run machine tools like an 11x54 Sheldon lathe, 
first with a pi3b and linuxcnc, now a pi4b with linuxcnc, for going on 
toward 3 year's, I have yet to trash it's u-sd with a power switch or a 
power failure. I usually use 64GB cards, based on the theory that the 
excess capacity will allow it space to do its wear leveling much better.

And in the new pi4b setup because its being used to build the preempt-rt 
kernel it running, and the linuxcnc debs, I have removed the 100 meg 
swap file from the u-sd in favor of a much larger swap partition on an 
SSD, one of 2 SSD's plugged into usb<->sata adapters and have setup a 
2nd SSD as the work area. So all the high-stress writes are moved off 
the u-sd until its time to have dpkg actually install the software.

I have not had an u-sd failure since I moved away from 8GB cards. I did 
buy one totally duff new 64GB one, and I had a usb-sata adapter fail. 
Replaced it and the SSD itself was fine.

So this, to me, is an old wives tale. How did such a rumor get started?

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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