[Nut-upsuser] Tripp-Lite AVRX500U issues

objecttothis objecttothis at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 21:14:04 BST 2020

I have gone through Two Tripp-Lite AVRX550U units trying to troubleshoot issues.  There are two separate (but possibly related issues that I am finding.  I’ve created an issue on the Github page, but it’s not clear that anyone looks at those issues (https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/issues/799)


1.	According to Tripp-lite, the AVRX550U uses the 2012 protocol, but it’s listed in NUT as using the 2010 protocol.   I have attached the documentation that Tripp-Lite gave me in that github issue.
2.	After my server (FreeNAS running FreeBSD 11.3- Release) shuts down, the UPS also powers down (as it should since it was issued a shutdown command by NUT) but then 5 seconds later the UPS powers back up even though it’s still on battery power.  Tripp-Lite replaced the unit, telling me that the unit was likely defective, but the second unit exhibits the exact same behavior.    


I don’t see any sort of command in NUT to power on the UPS, so I’m thinking that it may be a Tripp-Lite firmware issue, but I figured I’d post it here in case someone recognizes why it’s doing this.  The first issue, according to Tripp-lite, is a NUT issue and needs to be fixed.




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