[Nut-upsuser] OMNIVSX1000D Compatibility

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Thank you David.  I think the end goal of making this UPS compatible with NUT helps both Tripp-Lite and NUT users in that greater compatibility insures more users purchase Tripp-Lite products.  I do understand Tripp-Lite wanting to do their due diligence to protect IP, however, it seems like unless NUT devs can get a hold of some sort of documentation, it's more difficult to make this and similar models compatible.  

Is the reason that 2012 and other protocol documentation is released and not 3024 because 3024 is a current protocol and others are not?  I'm not familiar enough with the code base to know all of what's needed, but perhaps Tripp-lite can avoid the situation altogether by publishing API interface documentation without publishing inner-workings of the protocol.  

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>>> I also have a Tripp Lite OMNIVSX1000D with SN 2904AVLOM87E400114.  That model is not on NUT compatibility list and I have an open ticket (#00681437) to get the relevant protocol information so that I can then submit it to NUT >>> and see about getting support  added  to it, but the ticket has been open since May 28 and no protocol information from Tripp Lite.  Any chance you could kick the tires to see what the delay is?
    >>>>2904AVLOM87E400114 is protocol 3024 which would overlap with that development list request I have in.
    >>>>I can look into that case, feel free to nudge me if I don't follow up in a day or two. As an FYI, the few issues I link out to in the post below include the general workaround we've seen for 3024 and the usbhid-ups driver.

Update on the above: I chatted with support about case 00681437, I expect you'll hear back later today or tomorrow if you have not already.
I think one of the issues we ran into before is the protocol documents are not open source per se and have a disclaimer about not disclosing without written consent. I think Charles and I corresponded about something to that effect.

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