[Nut-upsuser] USBHID-UPS not detecting USB UPS even though options match

Stephen Walker-Weinshenker sww1235 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 23:23:48 BST 2020


It turned out that it didn't like the Vendor line. Bus, Serial and Product
all worked in ups.conf.

Thanks for all the help. It is working now.

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 6:02 AM Charles Lepple <clepple at gmail.com> wrote:

> > On Jun 21, 2020, at 5:34 PM, Stephen Walker-Weinshenker wrote:
> >
> > product = "OL1500RTXL2U"
> >       serial = "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
> >       vendor = "CyberPower Systems"
> >       bus = "001"
> Generally we only recommend including these extra parameters if there are
> multiple UPSes on one host, and you need to distinguish between them. Is it
> possible that there are extra spaces around some of the strings (that
> aren’t shown by nut-scanner)?
> Quick fix would be to remove all of the options I quoted, but I would be
> curious as to which one is causing the problem.
> If it does turn out to be some weird characters, and you need to add
> another UPS later, it should be possible to use regular expressions to
> match the well-formed parts of the strings.
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