[Nut-upsuser] grep ID /etc/os-release

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Thu Nov 26 12:33:13 GMT 2020

On Thu, 19 Nov 2020, Roger Price wrote:

> I would like to build a list of the user names and configuration file 
> locations for the most common distributions which include NUT.
> These will be used to produce more user-friendly tools and documentation for 
> NUT.

Thanks to everyone who replied.  Here is the list I compiled:

  Distribution ID        User   Directory           ID source
  Aix          aix       nut ?  /etc/nut/ ?         uname -a
  Amazon       amzn      nut    /etc/ups/ ?         /etc/os-release
  Arch         arch      nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release
  CentOS       centos    nut    /etc/ups/           /etc/os-release
  Apple        darwin    nut    /etc/nut/           uname -a
  Debian       debian    nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release
  Fedora       fedora    nut    /etc/ups/           /etc/os-release
  FreeBSD      freebsd   uucp   /usr/local/etc/nut/ uname -a
  Gentoo       gentoo    nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/gentoo-release
  HP-UX        hpux      nut ?  /etc/nut/ ?         uname -a
  IPFire       ipfire    nutmon /etc/nut/           uname -a
  Kali         kali      nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release
  Mint         linuxmint nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release
  Apple        mac       nut ?  /etc/nut/ ?         uname -a
  Mageia       mageia    nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release
  Manjaro      manjaro   nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release
  NetBSD       netbsd    nut ?  /etc/nut/ ?         uname -a
  Oracle       ol        nut    /etc/ups/           /etc/os-release
  OpenBSD      openbsd   ups    /etc/nut/           uname -a
  OpenSUSE     opensuse  upsd   /etc/ups/           /etc/os-release
  Raspbian     raspbian  nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release
  Red Hat      rhel      nut    /etc/ups/           /etc/os-release
  Slackware    slackware nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release
  SUSE         sles      upsd   /etc/ups/           /etc/os-release
  SUSE+SAP     sles_sap  upsd   /etc/ups/           /etc/os-release
  Synology     synology  root ? /usr/syno/etc/nut/  uname -a
  Ubuntu       ubuntu    nut    /etc/nut/           /etc/os-release

FreeNAS identifies itself in /etc/os-release as FreeBSD.

The IPFire wiki suggests user nutmon for upsmon but makes no mention of upsd.

There is a formatted version of the table at 
http://rogerprice.org/NUT/ConfigExamples.A5.pdf#section.22 Chapter 22.

I would be very pleased to hear of errors or omissions in this 


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